Take Your Product Sharing to the Next Level

Take Your Product Sharing to the Next Level

Hey shoppers, as you know, Vipon is in line with Amazon’s Terms of Service, and we made changes in collaboration with a high-level Amazon management team. They’ve assured us we’re in line!

So that means you are safe to keep requesting and buying the awesome discounted and free products from our sellers just like you always have been!

But what about reviewing? For some of you, that may be a trickier subject.

Remember: You are not required to review any product you have received from Vipon. But what if you want to keep reviewing? There are many options than Amazon!

What Are The Ways I Can Share & Review?

There are so many ways to share deals and review off of Amazon, and if you decide to do social sharing, you will benefit from:

  • Enjoying maximum creative freedom
  • Getting your ideas & recommendations to a particular audience you can grow
  • Sharing your hobby with others
  • Joining a community of like-minded people who share your passion for great deals

Sharing in new ways is great to get the word out about a product that you’ve loved (or didn’t).

People trust recommendations from those they know more than anonymous strangers on the Internet, so spreading word of mouth to friends and family in a personal way is a wonderful way to let people know how you feel about a product.

You can even start building your own following by growing a blog or YouTube channel, and become an expert on a type of product you’re interested in.

How to Get Started Sharing Deals in New Ways

We have a few ideas of ways you can start sharing in new ways online:

  • Leave a video review on YouTube
    This is a great way to have fun and show your personality. If you’re used to doing video reviews on Amazon, it should be fairly easy to segway into having fun with them on YouTube as well. Many people grow audiences of loyal followers by sharing their thoughts on this platform.
  • Share a post and link to the item on Facebook with your friends
    Facebook is a great way to connect with everyone in your social circle, whether close family or long-time friends. With a wealth of options, you can post video reviews, links, photos, or reaction to products. Or, start your own Page to grow an audience.
  • Start a product reviewing blog
    Why not start your own blog? Decide to be an expert on sporting equipment, fashion, pet products, or any niche you choose. You decide the format and whether you’ll mostly be writing, posting videos or photos. Make it fun, and explore your creativity!
  • Pin to Pinterest
    This platform is a great place to share reviews of clothes, kitchen items or anything home- or fashion-related.
  • Share on Twitter
    The micro-blogging platform is a great way to link to and promote a review you’ve created on another platform, or just a super-short and concise review, or to share deals with friends from real-life or that you only know online.

Do I Need a Disclosure For Reviews Off of Amazon?

If you review a product anywhere on the Internet — YouTube, Facebook, your blog — you need to disclose that you got it at a discount, according to consumer guidelines. Read more here.

Why Share Vipon Products and Deals?

We all know Vipon is awesome — but can you believe some people are out there paying full price for products they want or need?

Share great deals you come across with anyone you think would benefit from the site. Remember, the more shoppers we have, the more excited our sellers will be to offer their products.

Sharing is the best way to get the word out about products you love. It’s a great way to let your friends, family, neighbors or anyone you can connect with online about the awesome products you’re getting at a discount from Vipon.

Remember our Mission: Vipon is an online Main Street — It’s where real, small business owners can get their products in the hands of shoppers who care and share.

Are you with us? Go shopping on the Vipon deals community today!


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