Important Announcement for Vipon Sellers

We have some issues we need to address, to sellers using our Vipon service.

At Vipon we’re always working to improve the service, we are constantly updating and working on new ideas to make Vipon better each day. Users who give feedback help us by identifying problems, and making it easier to prioritize the changes we want to make.

A large number of shoppers have complained that the sales price on Amazon, does not match that on The only thing this will achieve is an unhappy buyer. We have a system in place that prevents this from happening and has proven to be effective. We want to eliminate the sellers who do this on purpose. When a buyer claims your code and continues to buy the product, if the price is incorrect they will not purchase the item. Meaning you have lost a voucher send as well as a sale. Once a buyer reports a fake promotion, an investigation begins and the item may be removed from the site. If the practice continues from the same seller our team will need to look into the problem. Please ensure your sale price matches Amazon, as well as your discount price.

The second biggest issue we have, is the vouchers are for the wrong product. Sellers should note that vouchers are not redeemable against items, that are not linked to each other. When a user tries to redeem a code they will receive an error message explaining they are trying to use the voucher against the wrong item. Please ensure your vouchers have been generated for the specific item you wish to promote. This also applies for expired codes, codes cannot be applied from other items. You are also unable to reuse codes after a promotion, please create a new list of codes for every item you wish to promote on Vipon.

A small number of users have reported that several sellers have been using fake codes on purpose. In the aim, the buyer will reach out to them and collect their contact information. Sometimes offering to redeem the full price in exchange for a 5-star review. As you know this act is banned completely from Amazon, we need to abide by their rules also.

Sometimes, a buyer will visit an Amazon page, only to find the listing is not available. Sometimes Amazon will temporarily remove an item, whilst they confirm safety standards and legalities etc. We understand this is out of your control, we do ask that if this happens to please remove, your listing until you have resolved the issue with Amazon.

If you were not already aware, the Amazon code generator requires you to wait 4 hours before issuing vouchers to sellers. This is because their system needs time sync, if you rush to issue a promotion then the vouchers may be unusable. Please wait up to 4 hours before publishing your promotion, to avoid being reported for issuing faulty codes.

We are working on a few feature, that will host a credit score for sellers. We appreciate your cooperation and also understand, that this is not the majority of sellers. If you have any questions or feedback you can always ask your support team, we’re always here to help(

Thanks for using