Take Your Product Sharing to the Next Level

Hey shoppers, as you know, Vipon is in line with Amazon’s Terms of Service, and we made changes in collaboration with a high-level Amazon management team. They’ve assured us we’re in line!

So that means you are safe to keep requesting and buying the awesome discounted and free products from our sellers just like you always have been!

But what about reviewing? For some of you, that may be a trickier subject.

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Coming Soon: the ART Deals Community Will Be Called Vipon

Coming Soon: the ART Deals Community Will Be Called Vipon

We’ve made a lot of changes to the ART Deals Community recently — including moving on from its original name: AMZ Review Trader.

And we’ve worked with Amazon to confirm that our site is 100% compliant with their TOS.

And our deals site continues to evolve: Soon we will be called Vipon (pronounced Veep-on). It’s the last puzzle piece to completely updating our mission, but with the same great deals. That means we’ll be changing our website URL  as well — soon you may try to go to amzreviewtrader.com and instead find yourself at vipon.com.

Vipon is about deals, and connecting small business owners with shoppers who care — and share.

That means you can still review and share the products you love, and you know have the opportunity to do this on a wider range of places both on-line and off-line.
The deals community will work in the same way it always has, so you can keep getting awesome free and discounted products.

We’ll bring VIP coupon deals to all our current members — you’ll still be able to get all the awesome deals the same way you always have. 
So keep shopping, and look out for our new name: Vipon.

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About Vipon & Amazon’s TOS

Vipon is In Line With Amazon’s TOS

As you all know, Amazon changed its guidelines around reviewing in early October 2016.

As can be expected whenever things change, some people were confused. But moving forward, our sellers are getting back to work, using Vipon and continuing to stay ahead of competitors

We can assure you that Vipon is 100% in line with Amazon’s TOS.

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As a member of Vipon (formerly AMZ Review Trader), you buy products you’re excited about at exclusive discounts. But it’s about more than your wallet — you’re a part of something bigger, and we want to show you how.

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What’s New on Vipon?

What’s New on Vipon?

Vipon (formerly ART) has always been the go-to marketplace for savvy shoppers to get great deals on products sold on Amazon.

However, did you know behind those products you love and able to get at a discount there are real people just like you?

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How to use the Vipon Product Promotions Dashboard

How to use the Vipon Product Promotions Dashboard

Your product promotions dashboard is going to become your best friend when being an active part of the deals community. It’s the place you’ll manage and keep track of the products you’ve requested and are excited to try out.

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Your Vipon FAQ’s Answered

Your Vipon FAQs Answered

Vipon is your space on the internet to find some of the best deals available all while helping real people just like you. Many of our sellers are starting up with their small businesses and are excited to bring their products to you.

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How to join Vipon

How to join Vipon

So you’re interested in joining Vipon – a place where you can find great deals on all kinds of products, support small business owners around the world, and play an important part in changing how buyers and sellers connect online? Well we’re more than happy to have you with us!

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ART is evolving: what it means for you

Regarding the Changes to Amazon’s Community Guidelines:

ART Product Deals Will Continue!

Hey there, everyone!
As you’ve probably heard, Amazon has an update that affects product reviews. Basically, reviews promised in exchange for discount or free items are no longer allowed.

There’s a lot of talk and contradicting information swirling online, but we’re here to reassure you that ART isn’t going anywhere.

What does this mean for you, as a member of ART?

First of all, ART isn’t going anywhere, but it will be evolving.

  • Will you still be able to shop on our site? Yes!
  • Will you still be able to get awesome discounted or free products? Yes!
  • Are you still a valued member of our awesome community? Of course!


Should you leave a review for products you already have?

We see that the biggest thing you’re all wondering about is: To review, or not to review?


And the answer is: It’s entirely up to you.


You are not required to leave reviews for ART products, but you can still review if you choose

You are not required to leave a review for any products you currently have from ART, and you are not required to leave reviews for any products you purchase from ART moving forward.

Of course, you can leave a review if you choose to. Those of you who took reviewing seriously were putting a lot of effort into making them helpful, well-written, unbiased and informative, which is great information for shoppers.

If you do choose to leave a review, you do not need to leave a disclosure.

You won’t be breaking any rules by choosing to leave reviews on your products. The only difference is that it isn’t required by us at all, and it won’t be tracked.


ART is evolving

You are all valued members of our community, and we have some exciting changes in store over the next few weeks; stay tuned as our community becomes bigger, better and more fun than before. Those who have built up strong reputations in this community won’t go unnoticed.

So keep shopping! And get ready for some updates. Be notified of new info first by liking our Facebook page, and look out for news from us in your inbox soon.

— The ART Team

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