What’s New on Vipon?

What’s New on Vipon?

Vipon (formerly ART) has always been the go-to marketplace for savvy shoppers to get great deals on products sold on Amazon.

However, did you know behind those products you love and able to get at a discount there are real people just like you?

Those products are created by people running small businesses, building their brand and selling those products on Amazon, and Vipon is the platform that connects these entrepreneurs and their products with real customers.  

You get to be part of a community with access to great deals and new products, knowing that at the same time you’re supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs like yourself — people working hard, betting their lives and taking care of their families.

Vipon gives these entrepreneurs the chance to get their products in the hands of real customers such as yourself, real people passionate about spreading the word to friends, family and neighbors.

What’s changed?

Perhaps the most significant change is that you are no longer asked to leave a review when you receive a product.



You are not required to leave a review for any product you get from Vipon. But if you choose to leave a review, a disclosure is not required.

Should you leave a review?

That’s entirely up to you, the same as purchasing any product on Amazon, it’s your choice whether you leave a review for that product or not. If you do leave a review, there’s no requirement to leave a disclaimer as was previously required under Amazon TOS.

A detailed blog post about the new rules around reviews and disclaimers can be read at the link here: Should I leave a review or a disclaimer?

Vipon dashboard changes

Shopper Dashboard:

You can access your shopper dashboard at any time by pressing the “Deal Requests” link in the menu.

Once you’re inside your shopper dashboard, you’ll be able to see the status of all the products you’ve requested along with number of voucher requests you have remaining for the month.


Vouchers requests remaining:

At the top of the shopper dashboard you’ll be able to see the number of vouchers requests remaining.

Every time you are approved for a deal and then accept the voucher from the seller, this number will reduce by 1. There is a maximum number of deals you can request each month.

Once you’ve reached your limit for deals, you’ll need to wait until the day next month for your deal requests to refresh.

Keep track of purchases with purchase history:

Previously when you had purchased a product, it would be removed from your dashboard. 🙁

But now… After you have purchased a product, you’ll be able to keep track of it on your dashboard in your purchase history.

Once you’ve purchased and received an icon you can press the “I’ve Purchased This” button, this will move it from active on your dashboard to below your active requests into purchase history.


The link to the product and seller contact details will still be shown there so you know the products you have purchased and how to access them on Amazon and refer back to them whenever you want to remind you of the awesome deals and products you got from Vipon.


For full details of changes and how to use the new Vipon, you can see details at the below blog post:
[Link to new blog post]