How to join Vipon

How to join Vipon

So you’re interested in joining Vipon – a place where you can find great deals on all kinds of products, support small business owners around the world, and play an important part in changing how buyers and sellers connect online? Well we’re more than happy to have you with us!

It takes just 5 minutes to get your account ready to start requesting products. Below is a quick step-by-step guide that’ll have you up and running in no time.

Creating your account

  1. Go to the Vipon home page at
  2. Click “Join as Shopper” in the top menu bar
  3. Enter your email address, create a password, and then click “Create Account”
  4. Head over to your inbox and open the email we just sent you from “Vipon”, then click the blue button to confirm your email.joinart-3-1
  5. This will take you back to the Vipon home page. Now just enter in your email and password one more time, and you’re in! Just one more step from here and you’ll be ready to start shopping.

Finding the best deals on the best products

Now it’s time for the fun part – searching for exciting new products and tracking down unbeatable deals!

The beauty of Vipon is that there’s just so much to choose from. Vipon sellers launch new and interesting products every single day, and you never know quite what to expect when you go deal-hunting! Many Vipon shoppers love browsing the main page without applying any sort of filter just to get a glimpse of the incredible variety of products on display.

But of course, there are plenty of ways to sort, filter, and search for the products you’re must excited about.

Search Tools:


Once you’re logged into the Vipon home page, the first step is to make sure that you’re looking at the right marketplace. By default, you’ll be looking at products available in the United States on If you’re outside of the United States, just click on the location filter and find the correct Amazon marketplace.

If you have a pretty good idea of the type of product you’re looking for, the search bar and the category filter are your two best bets. Just make sure that once you’ve entered a search term and/or selected a product group, you click the orange “Refresh/Search” button to load the new search results.

By default, all products on Vipon are sorted by how much time remains to apply for the deal (where products with the most immediate expiry date are shown first). If you’d rather see the newest deals first, just click on the sort feature and select “Sort by expiry descending (longest)”, and you’ll be the first to see new promotions as they’re launched!

Looking for the biggest deals? You can sort products by price or just tick the Best Discounts checkbox – this will filter for products offered for less than $5 or for at least 80% off of the listed Amazon price!

Requesting your first product

Whenever you find a product that interests you, click on the product image or title. This will give you a product description, more information on the discount being offered, and a link to the Amazon listing. If everything checks out and you’re ready to apply for the deal, just click the purple “Request Deal” button to officially request your first product!


So what happens next? Once you hit that purple button, your request is sent to the seller, who will then review your request and make a decision whether to send you a voucher to redeem the deal. Remember – although you’re very likely to receive a voucher, requesting a product doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll be sent a coupon code. A lot of our sellers are small business owners who are just setting off on their own, and so they may be acting a bit slowly and carefully as they work to establish themselves.

So be patient, only apply for deals on products you’re willing to purchase, and have fun!

Becoming a valuable member of the community

Ideally, it won’t take much time for you to find all kinds of products to request. And as long as you’re prepared to purchase the product once you’re approved for a code, there shouldn’t be anything holding you back! You can accept as many as 150 coupon codes every month!

To take a look at the products you’ve requested, just click on the “Deal Requests” link in the top right of your screen. This is your main dashboard. Here you’ll find all the products you’ve requested that are awaiting approval by the seller.


It may take a matter of hours or a matter of days to start receiving coupon codes for these deals, but once you’re approved, you’ll find your personalized coupon code waiting for you right in this same dashboard. From there, it’s just a few easy steps to redeem:

  1. Click the green “Accept Voucher” button
  2. Copy your coupon code
  3. Click “Buy Now” to link over to the product’s Amazon listing
  4. Log into your account and click “Add to cart”
  5. Click “Proceed to checkout”
  6. Select your shipping address and payment method
  7. Copy your coupon code into the field marked “Apply a gift card or promotion code” and click “Apply”. Unless there’s something wrong with the code, you’ll see the new discounted price in your Order Summary.amazonbuy5
  8. Place your order

And then you’ll be off to the races!

As you make more purchases, sellers will see that you’re committed to the community and to the values behind Vipon. You’ll become more likely to get approved for more deals, and you’ll continue to work your way up to become a more valued member of Vipon!