As a member of Vipon (formerly AMZ Review Trader), you buy products you’re excited about at exclusive discounts. But it’s about more than your wallet — you’re a part of something bigger, and we want to show you how.

Welcome to the Vipon Mission:

“Vipon is an online Main Street:
It’s where real, small business owners can get their products in the hands of shoppers who care — and share.”

Our community gives new shop owners a chance to get their products in the hands of real customers: shoppers like you. Vipon is like a small-town Main Street.

As shoppers, you can browse and buy awesome, discounted products. But you can also feel good knowing that you’re supporting hard-working business owners by purchasing, using, and sharing their product with family and friends.

Vipon brings business back to what it’s about: people.

Who are the small business owners you’re supporting?

Our sellers are normal people like you and me. You probably know some: They’re your neighbor, your babysitter, your co-worker. They live down the street from you and in your town, and in small towns around the world.

Our sellers are not Amazon, and they’re not corporate factories in China.

Many sellers saved up a small nest egg while working another job full-time. They took a huge chance by investing their savings in their online business. They work hard to grow their business, make a living to support their family, and satisfy customers with a product people need.

They dream of quitting their job and working for themselves.

  • Vipon shoppers put Sarah the exercise nut one step closer to quitting her data entry job and selling the yoga mats and resistance bands she loves full-time.
  • Vipon shoppers help Joe, who invented a revolutionary way to press garlic, get the wider world to discover his product, so he can save the profits and send his kids to college.
  • Vipon shoppers help Diana sell more of her home decor accessories online than in her store, so she can work completely online, and move back home across the country to take care of her aging parents.

But how am I supporting small business by shopping on Vipon (formerly ART)?

Vipon gives small business owners a chance to get their product in the hands of real customers who care.

Starting any business is tough. Imagine you want to start a dog bandana line. You have to compete with Pet Supplies Outlet down the block, and Bark Boutique across town. But what if you want to sell your dog bandanas online? You have to compete with the whole world — anyone who has ever created this item and can ship it to customers.

How will you stand out?

Well, if you had a dedicated community of shoppers you knew you could turn to and offer your bandanas to at a deal, you’d be set.

Those real customers, people who love to shop and discover new products, would be excited to test your bandana and put it on family pet Max the golden retriever.

A shopper might love it enough to spread your brand to every person who stops them on their walk to ask where they got Max’s adorable new accessory. So now Freddie the dachshund wears one, too. And so does Rex the german shepherd. Now a whole block is using your dog bowls, leashes and other brand accessories in their and their pets’ daily lives.

Who are our shoppers?

What makes a Vipon shopper different from your average discount hunter?

There’s no need to dig through a huge discount bin to find one shoe at your local Warehouse Outlet. Shopping on Vipon is easy, fun, and yes, even a bit addictive.

Our shoppers are the type of people who have integrity and shop with positive intent. They use their purchasing power to support and add value to small business, so real people can achieve their dreams.

The team at Vipon, the sellers of Vipon and the shoppers of Vipon work together in new ways to spread success for everyone.

Shop here first!

If you’re inspired by our Mission, then we know you’re going to love the Vipon community.

We want you to get the best deals, and we also ask you to be a part of something bigger than a discounted product.

Are you with us?

I’m ready to join the Vipon deals community and support real small business owners.

See you on Main Street!