Coming Soon: the ART Deals Community Will Be Called Vipon

Coming Soon: the ART Deals Community Will Be Called Vipon

We’ve made a lot of changes to the ART Deals Community recently — including moving on from its original name: AMZ Review Trader.

And we’ve worked with Amazon to confirm that our site is 100% compliant with their TOS.

And our deals site continues to evolve: Soon we will be called Vipon (pronounced Veep-on). It’s the last puzzle piece to completely updating our mission, but with the same great deals. That means we’ll be changing our website URL  as well — soon you may try to go to and instead find yourself at

Vipon is about deals, and connecting small business owners with shoppers who care — and share.

That means you can still review and share the products you love, and you know have the opportunity to do this on a wider range of places both on-line and off-line.
The deals community will work in the same way it always has, so you can keep getting awesome free and discounted products.

We’ll bring VIP coupon deals to all our current members — you’ll still be able to get all the awesome deals the same way you always have. 
So keep shopping, and look out for our new name: Vipon.

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