About Vipon & Amazon’s TOS

Vipon is In Line With Amazon’s TOS

As you all know, Amazon changed its guidelines around reviewing in early October 2016.

As can be expected whenever things change, some people were confused. But moving forward, our sellers are getting back to work, using Vipon and continuing to stay ahead of competitors

We can assure you that Vipon is 100% in line with Amazon’s TOS.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve made changes to Vipon (formerly AMZ Review Trader) with guidance from a top level Amazon Management Team. So we can confirm: We are 100% compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service.

It’s safe to continue requesting and buying products from Vipon — don’t miss out on great deals and awesome products.

Here’s What’s Changed on Vipon

Amazon no longer allows “incentivized reviews” or influence over reviews.

Neither do we.

We don’t ask shoppers to review products. Remember, you’re not required to leave a review for any product you get from Vipon.

And we don’t track whether you leave a review, either. In fact, we no longer ask for your Amazon profile URL or any data about your account.

An Amazon Management Team has informed us that Vipon is compliant with their terms of service. In fact, these above changes were based on their guidance.

We’ve always been fully compliant with Amazon’s TOS, and will continue to be. The success and safety of you, our shoppers, and our sellers, has always been our No. 1 priority.

What Do I do If I Got an Email From Amazon About ‘Incentivized Reviews’?

Amazon recently sent a form email to some customers about incentivized reviews, and how these types of reviews are no longer allowed. You may have gotten one if you’ve posted reviews on ART products in the past.

However, the way Vipon currently works is within Amazon’s TOS.

Promotional items are still allowed to be given away by sellers. Sellers are not allowed to use means of promotion that are not openly available to all shoppers — like closed Facebook groups or other clubs.

But Vipon is available to all — as are its deals. So you can be confident that continuing to request and buy products from Vipon is safe. Remember, you are not required to leave a review for any product you get from Vipon.

Our Awesome Vipon Deals Community Will Continue to Get Better

We’ve informed our sellers of all the changes we’ve made under Amazon’s guidance as well, and they know that continuing to run promotions for you, our loyal shoppers, will continue to improve their business.

Prices rose on Vipon after the change in TOS. Sellers and shoppers became unsure. But we’re here to reassure you that Vipon continues as before.

Sellers are starting to place more products on Vipon again, and prices are falling. So get out there and show sellers that you still want the great deals! Keep requesting and keep the great discounts coming.

Don’t miss out on continuing to get free, awesome stuff! Keep requesting and buying, and share our awesome Vipon deals community with friends, family, and anyone who wants free, awesome products.

Remember our Mission: Vipon is an online Main Street — it’s where real, small business owners can get their products in the hands of shoppers who care.

So get great deals. Be a part of something awesome, and show sellers that you care. Are you with us?

Need Help with How to Request and Buy Products?

Need help navigating the new Product Promotions dashboard, or want to know what we’ve changed?

Learn how to navigate the updated Product Promotions dashboard here, see what we’ve changed on Vipon here, and get the answers to more common questions here.