$250 Vipon Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!

To thank you all for shopping with Vipon, we are going to have a fantastic free giveaway competition. There are three ways to enter – and no excuses not to – Enter today for a chance to win up to $50 in Amazon gift cards!

How does it work?

1. If you have never downloaded the Vipon app, you can download it and sign in/sign up at least once for the chance to win FIVE $15 Amazon Gift Cards.

2. We will soon be launching a comments section for all of the products listed on vipon.com, we want to know what you think. Please leave a message on this post and tell us your ideas or suggestions for the chance to win FIVE $15 Amazon Gift Cards.

3. Record a video related to Vipon and upload it to Youtube or your Facebook page (the total views must exceed 200). Please leave your video link under this post. For the chance to win TWO $50 Amazon Gift Cards.

The competition has been extended to Sep. 19th, 23:59 EST. So hurry up and enter TODAY!

We are looking forward to your participation, good luck shoppers!

The Vipon Team

262 responses to “$250 Vipon Giveaway!

  1. The option to have email reminders or push notifications on products that we are interested in, for when the coupons go “live”!

  2. For some reason, my video comment is posting with an incorrect date of 9/20, but it’s currently 9/19/2018 at 8:47 PM Eastern Time… so trying again to see if it posts correctly. Thank you!

    Video entry: https://youtu.be/jOdcE7ty6mM

  3. Hi! In addition to my previous comment, I just wanted to drop in and post my Vipon Youtube video for the contest.

    Thanks so much for giving us this opportunity! I <3 Vipon!

    Here is my video entry: https://youtu.be/jOdcE7ty6mM

  4. I like the idea of a comments section, I would like to read the opinions that others have on the product, before deciding whether or not I want to get a voucher and purchase the product

  5. I think a comments section would be helpful. This can alert us to code problems or even the quality of the item.

  6. Vipon helps out so much. Especially during the holidays. You can find great gifts for low prices. I just wish there was a way to have all codes working. Sometimes the items are available but the codes won’t work

  7. I’d really love to be able get better help with code that dont work. Another thing I’d like to be able to get alerted when the daily allotted coupons are available for a product that I’ve added to my favorites.

  8. I love VIPON its an amazing concept that actually works and its great for everyone both for regular people who want to buy and use VIPON coupons or for drop shippers that drop from Amazon and excellent for the suppliers.
    It works like magic and i really think its a great concept and i am happy to share it with everyone i know and spread the word.
    Really great – thank you VIPON team !!!

  9. If we can comment that the code didn’t work and maybe the seller can provide feedback. Or specific details on the codes. Some items are very specific in their listing and other are not but the code might be for a specific color or size.

  10. Great idea! Leaving comments is helpful to us, to the sellers and to Vipon. I have been a member forever and honestly, did base a lot of my buying and recommending on the comments and reviews. Will be so happy to read opinions again.

  11. I’ve recommended the Vipon app to tons of people! I always say that if they’re going to buy something on amazon, always check vipon first! AWESOME deals and no pressure to review after purchase. The app is a little clunky though, and doesn’t always make searching for items all that easy. Over all, though, I love using Vipon!

  12. Comments will be a great idea. Since Amazon won’t let us do reviews the way that they use yo, this will be a great way for us to get feedback on the items

  13. I love the vipon app! You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for all the great deals, all the efforts to save mine and many others families money is so wonderful! I love Amazon and would love to won a gift card. I’d love a comments section. I think that will make people more likely to buy more products.

  14. I think doing this a great idea! I always read the comments when they are available on a product. I think doing this and allowing for people to reply back to posters (commenters) would go hand in hand with this too.

  15. Love Vipon! I’ve gotten so many wonderful items to review at amazing discounts

  16. I think comments under the product is a great idea. I would make it easier to join random groups for the group coupons. I was able to with one but for another one it wanted me to gather friends and I don’t have any friends who want savings at the exact same time I want them and for the same item.

  17. It would be cool to have a $1 section in the app that’s updated weekly or daily. Also it would be awesome to have a watchlist for items that will become available.

  18. I would love to see reviews of sellers on here. That way people know if the sellers products are good, how long shipping takes, etc.

  19. Great way to try new products. Have bought and reviewed many products for the sellers. I buy more outdoors products for my family as we have a 189 acre ranch in S.W. Florida.

  20. I love Vipon! I always check my app for coupons before shopping on Amazon. I think the comment section could be beneficial to know whether a code works well or not and the issue behind it.

  21. I love how we can save money using your service, thank you so much for running such an awesome site. I agree with others tho who said they shouldnt just leave a 5 star review for getting it at a discount because I always leave honest reviews and there are times I cant because reviewing has been suspended on certain items.

  22. This is a brilliant idea #TeamVipon!

    The reason I say this is that I have been apart of Vipon since launch and there are many “times” I wish that I could share my voice, give insight about something I purchased but needed to adjust etc and it creates a community which is important!

    I really would like to see sections on
    Home Decor

    What I would like to see improved is the ability to have a cupon pushed to me so I don’t miss it as well as if the code/ cupon doesn’t work – it gets removed from the queue.

    Creating an opportunity for Vipon buyers to share videos, fav products etc would also be nice!

    I thank you for the opportunity to share my voice!

  23. I’m not sure comments are a good idea, sometimes that turns into a free-for-all of off topic rants and spam. If there’s auto-mod to flag entries with questionable links or potentially offensive words maybe, but I don’t see much reason to discuss the discounts on Vipon with other members.

    I like Vipon a lot, there’s great deals on lovely things.

  24. I love not only shopping on Vipon.com or using Vipon through the app on my phone, I share it with family and friends and those I bump into.. I love what they have to offer and the pricing is pretty reasonable for shoppers like me who want to try products out.

  25. I love Vipon I use it all the time and get great deals for items I need to purchase or to just spoil myself haha. Thank you guys for creating this awesome app! Keep up the good work!! Love ya! ❤️

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  27. I’ve been having issues with Amazon not accepting reviews for some items purchased through Vipon. ” Reviews on this product have been suspended due to suspicious review activity”
    People using this service need to actually use them, write an honest review and stop giving 5 stars and just saying that it arrived quickly.

  28. I know the editor picks are new but i think gardening and kids craft should have there own section. Maybe add home repair or tools to diy

  29. Awesomeness! We getting the best of the best of both worlds. Getting that cake an eating it too!

  30. I am old school so I was not a person who did online orders until last year during Christmas time when I was introduced to von by a friend. I order all my Christmas present from you and it was so convenient now I order all my gifts, clothes, electronics and even right now the thing we need for my daughters wedding in 2 weeks from Amazon. Thanks for all the great deals. 😊

  31. I always check the Vipon app before making purchases on Amazon. It has saved me a lot of money!

  32. As a full time student Vipon really helps with them all important household items and christmas/Birthday presents. I suggest that vouchers are checked for the time they go live as sometimes I get notifications when I’m asleep and miss them.

  33. I have been registered with VIPON.com for almost a year now and the service you do is great and makes things so much more affordable. I have been able to get so many gifts and items for my family and friends that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. You guys are great and have so many different products that are actually good to have and that are useful. You have the best discount site ever. Thank you so much

  34. Being well under the poverty line financially, it is difficult to get what my family both want and need. Vipon has lifted that burden to some extent with coupon codes making things much more affordable. Thank you Vipon!

  35. I have been using Vipon for about three years now to save money on things I was already planning to buy and also to purchase things I’m “on the fence about” at a low price to try out. Vipon has the largest selection of categories of goods at the lowest prices. Plus their app is very easy to navigate. I love being able to afford to buy a little something for everyone for Christmas because of the savings I get buy buying products through Vipon!

  36. I love Vipon. I’m using Vipon app and I saved much money. It would be great if the italian section can have the same deals of others country without shipment costs 😉

  37. Just had my Amazon Profile wiped. Thanks Vipon. Guess I triggered an algorithm from using discount codes. Seems honest reviews aren’t desired unless you are part of the Corporate Vine system under their control.

  38. I’ve been using Vipon for over a year and i’m Glad I did, I’ve saved sooooo much money for things I was already planning to buy.

    My only recommendation would be that there were more coupons for certain products but that has to be with the amazon vendors.

    And to be fair to all the users I think it’d be hard to bring more options to get coupons

  39. Member/Customer for almost 4 years now. I absolutely love Vipon!!! 😍

  40. I would love to get a notification when an item I’ve marked as a favorite has coupons become available again. I always forget when they will be coming up and miss out.

  41. I’ve been using vipon for about 3 months and I love it. I’m kind of addicted to it just searching fir great deals. My family has been the beneficiary of a lot of unexpected gifts on items that were to good to pass up. And I’m loving the group option recently added even better prices.

  42. Oh another suggestion for both app and website – please make it possible to flag an item that is not in the correct category (for example, i was looking for kids/baby items sorted into that category and there was penis shaped squishies in the kids category). Or, if I’m in womens clothing I will see garden tools, etc. Maybe we can flag them then recommend a category for them to be in – that might be helpful. 🙂 Thanks!

  43. Good App. I agree with some ideas above. Ability to comment is good if you can keep it from getting spammy. Ability to return codes before they expire for someone else to use. Place to report codes that don’t work would be helpful and a place for giving thumbs up for successful transactions.

  44. I’ve been with Vipon and it’s previous name for years and I cannot Thank You enough for the amazing deals and the ease of use on your site as well as the app.

    I look forward to many more years of enjoying your website, app and recommending it to everyone.

  45. It would be nice to be able to enable a notification when a specific discount becomes available. I’m always forgetting which coupons are supposed to go up when and then I miss my chance.

  46. I’ve only been using Vipon app for about a month or two and I absolutely love it. I always come to the app or site before heading to Amazon for a purchase.

  47. I have used and loved this app. For several years. Great to find that perfect gift or just anything random. I always check it first. Don’t have any suggestions really, but would still love to win a gift card. Thanks

  48. I have loved you since before your name change (Amazon Review Trader I think it was). You’ve done so many great updates to both the website and app! The comments is a great idea. Maybe people can pool together and get group discounts that way. That would also be good for the vendors to see if their products are popular and what customers are looking for. One suggestion for the WEBSITE, please make it possible to put things in a “favorites” like we can on the app. 🙂 thanks for all you do!! ❤️

  49. Make the app available for older operating systems, it doesn’t work for me but I wish it did.

  50. I think it would be a good idea to be able to post comments or reviews on here. Cuz u never really know what your getting on amazon since all the reviews are bought mostly.

  51. I love the app so much! I’m so excited about a comments section! We can discuss which codes didn’t work, we can help out new members that have questions, and so much more! So excited you guys are working on this! 😍🙌

  52. I love the idea of a comment section so we can discuss if the product was excellent and I also think its important for knowing if a promotional code worked properly or if anyone had issues. Also, with the group option I think it’d be great for people to group together in the comments for the group coupons. I can’t seem to get the group coupons to work. I’ll apply and have people join and never get the group coupon.

  53. I have refered people to Vipon on my YouTube channel in a number of videos. I also refer to Vipon on my Face Book page.

  54. I love this Vipon I’ve had it since they were just starting up and I’ve been a fan ever since. Once I stayed up 24 hours just to get the right deals because it’s worth it. 😂

  55. I have always said to myself, gee VIPON needs a comment section. So many time I have wanted to just say OMG I loved this product. Or ask a particular question! I honestly set 4 alarms for items upcoming.

  56. Love this app. Great deals all day and night. Keep watching for the next great deal!!!

  57. Love this app. Great deals all day and night. Keep watching for the next great deal!!!

  58. I love the Vipon app. It’s so convenient. The notifications are SUPER helpful.

  59. A comment section would be very helpful for determining the quality of some of the products. We get these discounts with the hope that we will write a review, but sometimes the products are of very poor equality, but the cost of a return makes it prohibitive unless it is clearly defective. If only all reviews on Amazon were honest and truly reflected the quality of the products.

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    artikel secara teratur dikarenakan kalau kita malas mengupdate artikel, maka kebanyakan rangking di google bakal lambat laun menurun.

  61. I’ve been a member of Vipon since before the name was changed to Vipon! And I love the app.

    I would also suggest being able to unclaim codes.

    But I check the app almost every day for things!

  62. App molto utile, funziona in modo abbastanza veloce anche su cellulari non di ultima generazione. Suggerisco di inserire più criteri di selezione tra le offerte

  63. I already commented my huge appreciation for a comment section, now I just wanted to second other shoppers suggestion about an option in My Deal Requests, besides deleting, to instead return/give back an unused coupon code to give others the chance to get it before it expires.
    Also, I really like the idea of scheduling coupon codes for the same product within different time ranges, considering the gap between worldwide timezones. The first deal starts at a certain time and then a second one a few hours later, or else, when coupon codes for an item are run out for that day, then let make the next round start at another hour of the day.

    More chances for more people, more fun shopping for everyone, and wishing good luck to all “Viponers” to win the contest! ^_^/*

  64. I love Vipon and I am very impressed with the new app! My only feature request would be to hide a deal under “my deal requests” after you’ve used it. 😊

    Thanks so much for continually improving your awesome site!

  65. It would be great to have over night deals for people that work the 3rd shift and play on there computer all night.

  66. I love this site! I have been using it for a very long time. I tweeted out this article hoping to get the word out about the app! Hoping to win a gift card and keep up the good work Vipon!

  67. Hello all. The app itself is very good. It is easy to use. I would love to see more availability of products or maybe a different schedule. Such as best times for certain categories.

  68. I absolutely love Vipon# I just wish that there were more codes available on some the items! I always seem to miss out on good deals!

  69. I think there should be a report the seller button included in each item listing. A lot of the codes don’t work, the price is wrong, or the item isn’t a prime item as advertised.

  70. It is great to hear about the comments feature. Plus the comment feature, it would also be good to have a feedback option to make our voice heard about the improvements, changes and features we think are necessary.

  71. A comment section for each item would be really useful! My suggestions:
    – Start commenting process with a preselected list or multiple-choice questions like [Did the code work? Y/N. Code saving value? 1-5. Code discount as advertised? Y/N. Item shipped from Amazon or other? Item received when expected? Item packaged adequately? Did item meet your expectations? 1-5. Etc.]
    – After 2-3 weeks, email comment reminder. Opt-in/out.
    – Allow tagging in comments.
    – 2 types of comment category: right after purchase (order process) and Product info (2-3 weeks after item order).
    – Rate the seller vs the product.
    A few other App suggestions: More notification options. Ability to turn in or give back item codes when you change your mind. Ability to clear old items with expired codes from your request list (archive?), also from watched or favorite list.
    I LOVE using Vipon, saves me a lot of $! Love to review! Thanks!

  72. The comment section would be great to give people an idea of what to expect from the product since not everyone leaves an amazon review. I also wish there was a better way for Vipon to filter out sellers who aren’t honest. There’s been several occasions where the seller listed Prime shipping only to scam the buyer and it turns out it’s coming from China and doesn’t arrive for several weeks. There’s one instance where I didn’t receive the item at all.

  73. Not much for a suggestion, I love vipon and check it before making any online purchase to see if I can get a better deal. My only complaint is most times the products I’m watching start in the wee hours of the morning.

  74. I love the great discount and things i would not consider now i am which open my walet and shopping trust on unknown brand..

    Thank you

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    and was curious what all is required to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog
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  76. Vipon saves me soooo much money! I always check Vipon befor I purchase anything! It’s my go to for saving money! Thank you Vipon! My family appreciates you and your hard working employees working hard to save us money!

  77. Vipon app is cool! I have saved a lot using it and also helps soothe the sting of buying something and it breaking shortly afterwards.

  78. I live Vipon. I often scroll items daily to see whats new and needed in my life to buy. The only thing I would recccommend Vipon did was with their site. Please make it where you can leave comments if you used a deal to buy an item. To leave a review or atleast a scoring of the product.

    I like that you can see how many people liked pr disliked an item, but if there is dislikes theres no info of what it was disliked. This leaves it to the imagination. The more we know about a product the more we will buy thjngs based on its info.

    As for the rest of the site, its easy to use and I have no issues! Vipon.com is awesome!

  79. Vipon is amazing! I’m constantly on the app. A comment section would be great, reading suggestions and reviews on the products are very helpful. A lot of times products are still there when there are no more vouchers…kinda annoying.

  80. I LOVE Vipon! My favorite app by far! Its like an addiction for me….I cant go a single day without browsing through Vipon atleast once or twice. (Usually first thing n the morning and at night before bed. And any chance i get throughout the day. Lol) Its my go-to app when shopping for everything. Whatever im shopping for I search for it on Vipon first always. I save so much money by shopping with Vipon. And the amazingly low prices allows me to buy all the little things I want but dont actually need….before Vipon I would see things I liked or wanted but never bought because I didnt want to feel guilty for “wasting money on unnecessary things”….not anymore. Now I can buy all the stuff I never could before! So Thank You Thank You Thank You Vipon for doing what u do! I love love love Vipon!!!!

  81. It’s great to have a comment section. It keeps things a bit more personable in this digital age of apps. Who’s buying what? Is it what I think it is? Does it really work? Will I be able to get assistance if I have an issue? Comments can warn and reassure prospective buyers and raise the level of confidence in on line shopping. Way to go, Vipon!

  82. Improve the comments section by allowing users to search for keywords. #vipon rocks!

  83. It is nice to have a comment section to share thoughts and experiences with others. I’ve been using VIPON for a year now and recommend it to anyone who enjoys shopping on Amazon but wanting to save money!
    I suggest to have a contact us or support listed on the sidebar easily accessible. Also is there a way to add a seasonal tab/section.

  84. Have comments come with pre-selected questions. It’ll get more people to leave reviews since they won’t have to spend time cultivating a comment.

  85. This app is AMAZING. I ALWAYS open Vipon BEFORE going to Amazon now. I highly recommend this app to everyone!

  86. It would be great if people could add pics of the items that they get and like.

  87. I love Vipon! The fact that we get great products at lower prices.

    I ordered several pair of Compression Socks for my hubby! Not only are they very high quality socks, at a drastically reduced prices, the quality of each pair is superb! We were buying a top name brand “copper” infused socks advertised by one of our local NFL Football stars prior to receiving these. The “copper” socks do not begin to compare to the ones I got thru Vipon!! These are much thicker & have stronger compression than the “copper”.

    For reasons such as mine, I am all for the “comment section” being added!
    Thank you, Vipon!

  88. I love vipon! I tell all of my friends about it! I just miss the free stuff but i understand Amazon did away with that. Still love it! And comment section is a great idea!

  89. I love using #VIPON I visit everyday & love the comment section too😙

  90. Love the comment section. Can see what others are saying, talk to others, & let #VIPON know what type of products I’m looking for next. Thanks for creating the comments section, & for always having the best deals on top products.

  91. Great ideas to increase engagement. You could also implement a points system for every product purchased/reviewed on Vipon that we could cash out as Amazon gift cards after we get to a certain amount of points.

  92. Vipon- Great deals, fun way to shop! The ONLY site that offers items as low as .10 cents! Good quality items too!

  93. Great idea will help people be more knowledgeable on what they are buying and what others think.

  94. Would love to see follow-up comments for products, not just the initial review.

  95. A comments section could be helpful sometimes. I usually check amazon first to see if there are any reviews yet before buying something through Vipon.

  96. Every once in a while a code doesn’t work. I’m there on Amazon, checking out, and don’t know what to do. Who/how do I contact about it?

    Suggest that there be a separate section or a way to select products that are fulfilled by Amazon from those that would take a much longer delivery time, the way you can isolate requisites on ebay as US only.

  97. Love Vipon! At first I didn’t like the new app at all, I liked the old site but I got used to it and it’s fine! Teresa Austin

  98. Love love love Vipon! One nice feature for me would be some kind of watch list, where items could be watched as I await coupon codes to become available. Thanks!

  99. I agree about adding a watch feature for the products that run out of codes early.

  100. I’ve had the app for a while now and check it regularly. I love the idea of a comments sections. Being able to see if others have had issues or find out opinions of products would be super useful.

  101. Comments are great to see how others like products! Reviews would be awesome, too!

  102. It would be nice if Vipon added a profile page for users to list areas of interest and preferred shopping products. So often I sort through pages of items I don’t care about to find the one thing I’m looking for. The search & categories help, but a more directed or specialized search would be helpful.

  103. Comments are a great way to preview an item before deciding to buy. Not everything really appeals to all people – hearing real live people’s views helps decide what is best to try!

  104. Comments are great to see how others like products! Reviews would be awesome, too!

  105. I like the idea of having a comment section. Before buying anything, I usually rush to Amazon to look at the reviews. I’m an online ESL teacher, so I use Vipon a lot to buy props and materials. It would be nice to have a reminder notification too for when a deal that we like is about to go live.

  106. VIPON has truly been a blessing! It has saved me and my family’s life. We love all of the amazing deals that are available on everything that you could think about. Keep up the great work!

  107. I love the possibility of getting a comment section, makes it easier for us to figure out what coupon works, what products are great and what aren’t worth it too. This is wonderful as it saves us time and money as well as it makes us aware of the great products available.

  108. Before I purchase something on Amazon I tend to go to Vipon first to see if I can find a great deal on what I’m looking for. Most of the time I do find something beneficial and save lots of money with their amazing deals.

  109. I believe in both ratings and comments supporting the ratings. I like to see what others think about a product rather than just see a rating without support

  110. Comments on the products would be a welcome addition, since amazon tends to delete reviews if it was bought with a promo code.

  111. A Vipon reviewing system, if possible besides a star rating, would be really useful for mainly reporting not working coupon codes, especially when you wait hours for an upcoming to come but at the moment of checking out it is invalid or expired; it often happens when the starting price on Amazon and Vipon don’t match.

    Also, it would be great for all those new products which aren’t reviewed on the marketplace yet, or else, when people get blocked from reviewing possibility from Amazon just because they buy using Vipon coupon codes, so they still can give their opinion on good or bad products too.

    Make Vipon reviews not mandatory, just let the chance of leaving a comment or not as a personal choice, therefore a very basic star rating, a like button or such would be perfect for users to say at the same time if coupon code worked and also if the product is appreciated.

  112. I sometimes read comments, but I prefer star ratings. The comments left in most products are generally very generic. They also have to be monitored well.

  113. Non posso stare senza l’app Vipon e i magnifici sconti che offre. Ho comprato tantissimi articoli utilissimi a prezzi davvero convenienti.
    Sarebbe carino se Vipon offrisse più coupon per complementi d’arredo e articoli per la casa… sono i miei preferiti!
    Ottima l’idea della sezione commenti, un modo utile per scambiarsi opinioni e informazioni.

  114. Comments are definitely a must!! It’ll help especially if there are faulty codes or not..
    Or even if amazon has no reviews..

  115. I think a comments section would be awesome! Before I purchase anything that I haven’t bought before I always, always read a ton of reviews first. I really count on other customers reviews and comments to help me make buying decisions.

  116. Any time I wait for an upcoming deal, as soon as it is done counting down its no longer available. Super frustrating. I do love the deal I do get in other catigories.

  117. Comment section is a fantastic idea! Communication between buyers as well as personal experiences with the products or services would be awesome!

  118. Vipon has helped me try products I wouldn’t normally be able to afford or justify buying and helped with tests and presents for my little boy

  119. Because of Vipon I was able to purchase 2 drones for my teenage grandsons for Christmas! My sister and I check Vipon before checking any other website, the savings have been spectacular! Comments section would be an added bonus, many of us make final decisions based on comments!

  120. I think it’s a great idea for Vipon.com to make a comments section on the website. It will allow us to communicate with each other about deals and with the moderators if we are having problems. I’ve been with Vipon since it was AMZ review trader and I’m still here cuz it’s great. Vipon.com has got to be the #1 amazon deal site online! Keep it up everyone!!

  121. I think it’s great that you give back . Pay it forward. It’s a win win. I’ve been with Amazon for 5 years an they always do me right, with great prices and deals. I’ve been with vipon a few months an they are awesome. One of a kind. Thanks everyone. Peace!

  122. A comments section would definitely be helpful for all who visit the site. It would be great for expressing concerns or remarks and great for asking questions. Navigating the site has become more user friendly but to the newbies it could be a challenge. I love the new product reminder alert I receive on my phone. It definitely allows me to get the products a like and want.

  123. Seller name would be so helpful when there are multiple sellers of an item. On items with shipping, listing that would be great! So many sellers put FBA, then you go to order, and it’s not, codes aren’t the right amount…we all know reporting isn’t helping – so, being able to comment on the item so others know would be great.

  124. I luv me some Vipon! Sure glad i discovered this site. Ive gotten discounted products from here & its definitely saved me some cash. Very grateful something like this exists.

  125. I really like the idea of comments, hopefully they will be helpful reviews! I aloe think a star rating similar to Amazon. My only other suggestion is to make the group shopping section a little easier to use by making it have instructions somewhere on the page. I understand how it works now but when I first encountered it I was unsure of how to use it.

  126. Definitely add a comment section and I would find it helpful if there was a chart that people could fill out to say how the total experience was fornordering a product. For instance. Ease of ordering, if the discount was the right amount, how the product worked and the total score out of 100 that the person would give the product. Also make it available to add images and videos.

  127. I absolutely love the idea of a comment section on each of the products because there’s a lot of times I wanted to know another person’s review of the product I’m looking at. I love that Vipon is growing and letting consumers have a voice. Way to go Vipon!

  128. I think adding feedback from other customers is an excellent idea and to add on that a review type thing also to show what the top products that you offer are being sold!

  129. I appreciate that you have a method other than FB for entering. Not all of us use FB or many of the other social media apps.

  130. The 5-star method is not reliable, because those who vote are influenced by previous votes. It would be better in my opinion only if the product is liked or not, like: 15 out of 25 thinks have appreciated this product. Then the product screen put the most trendy positive and the most trendy negative review.

  131. Il metodo delle 5 stelle non é molto affidabile, perchè chi vota è influenzato dai voti precedenti. Sarebbe meglio secondo me far scegliere solo se il prodotto è piaciuto o no, del tipo: 15 su 25 pensone hanno apprezzato questo prodotto. Poi sulla schermata del prodotto mettere la recensione positiva più di tendendenza e quella negativa più di tendenza.

  132. Seems like a good marketing move to market the website without spending a lot of money.

  133. Seems like a cheap way to promote yourself by using a giveaway and have video that exceed 200 views draw attention.

  134. I would love to see a comments section on each listing, this way you get even more information and a good way to make a decision on what to purchase! I would also love a better filtering system! I love Vipon and use it frequently!

  135. I really like the idea of the comments section, Because communication is so important in the world of Amazon. For instance I’d love to know if a coupon or code isn’t working, or if a product isn’t eactly up to par before I go further with said product. I love the idea of having an engaging vipon community. I think there is so many people like us that love Vipon, and love to save money, but we never really get a chance to interact or meet each other. I think this is taking bounds and leaps socially for our community. I think it’s great we will have a platform to discuss the products openly and hopefully communicate with Vipon as well! Sounds amazing to me! -Abigail Schuette

  136. I love Vipon I Love Amazon. What a smart idea to combine them both together. This would be a great Birthday Present for me. I turn 56 nxt week. Thank you

  137. I love Vipon I rarely have any trouble with any products I want and or codes . I like the fact that I can change the filter on the category list and see lots more than normslly show and it’s a lot of really nice quality items. Great job you guys !

  138. When your asked to leave a review you can be verified through Amazon as having bought the item, then you know the review is from someone that purchased the product. Have a way to sort reviews by date, ratings, verified users, etc. Have a standard Ser of questions for reviews like a sliding scale of the most important questions. Some reviews are very vague, this way every review will have at least some basic information for users to see the consensus of multiple reviews and determine an “average”. An example…Ask yourself “are most answers likely to buy or unlikely, or neither?” This will help you not only to buy informed but also review better knowing what questions you’ll answer, over time you’ll base your testing around the review too.

  139. Allow VIP users to completely remove and disassociate the requested products that have incorrect discount code would be great.

    Add a seller name to the posting would be helpful to select the correct product.

    Thanks for adding more features to VIP!

  140. Categorize the ratings and comments such that we can leave feedback on both the product as well as the discount code, and of course, the seller if not sold directly by Amazon.

  141. It’s a great idea to be able to read comments for each product, however don’t add too many restrictions to the comments. Allow then to be honest and real so that we can make wiser choices. I don’t like when comments are forced to be postive and then you buy a product only to discover that the comments were not sincere. It really makes me think twice about buying from any online service. However, with that said, if a problem is resolved at any time and you are pleased with their customer service then retract your statement with a positive review explaining what they did and the outcome.

  142. Sometimes the filter doesn’t work so i have to find items by scrolling . If you can fix that, it’ll make searching easier

  143. I love cup in, I buy Christmas, birthday, wedding gifts all year long with the awesome discounts.. I have actually loss some.. guess they’ll make a good gift when found though. I truly wish you would get more kitchen and teen stuff. That would make it only that much better.

  144. For sure being able to leave and read reviews would be great. I have enjoyed Vipon and being able to review products and comment about them!

  145. I would really like the comments at the bottomnof products. That way I know they’re real.

  146. Comments would be great so I know if I would actually like an item or not

  147. I think it would be neat to have a thumbs up or thumbs down option on the product to tell if someone likes it or not so that we see what products are rating good that way.

  148. Vipon is already a pretty great site but the comments section sills definitely help. It could go further by I closing reviews directly on he site as someone else recommended. Hopefully the comments will have ways to reply to or mention people so that discussion will be easy and so will keeping up with the flow of conversations.

  149. I loooove vipon. Comments would be very helpful when deciding on if i want to purchase a item or not. I love when people upload pictures and videos where u can see the quality of the item. Vipon has turned into my shopping addiction. I have my mom and aunt attached as well😁🙌🙌

  150. Since.Amazon doesnt.allow reviews anymore, it would.be awesome.to be able to leave.reviews.under.the products on this site.

  151. I love Vipon the majority of the time. I wish there were options for some products when applicable, like hair color choices for wigs sold that show the different colors via amazon, that way, we don’t have to limit ourselves to one color wig or not at all. Sellers would gain more customers if they allowed for that.

  152. I am a huge fan of Vipon / Vipon.com I love using the app and also through my families desktop. I receive your email which keeps me up to date on all the products and deals you may have going on . I do Love the idea of being able to comment on the vipon website or through the app. I think this would give readings and buyers and opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions on products that they have been using or trying. I hope that Vipon.com and Vipon app . continue to bring us deals and products that we all so love and enjoy! I know for myself, I love sharing your products through my twitter. @tisonlyme143.. thanks

  153. I like the idea of a comment section, being able to see others views on products is very helpful.

  154. A comment section would be great! I would love to hear what others say about the items. I had problems with getting a coupon & it wouldn’t work. Sometimes it was certain sellers that the coupon wouldn’t work. I wish they could be flagged so people wouldn’t go through the hassle.

    Some items have multiple selections, but I don’t know which one (or more) the code is for.

    Love Vipon! Thank you for the opportunity.

  155. I always check Vipon first before making any purchases & 75% of the time they have what I am looking for, for a third of the price I would of paid. I love Vipon and am so happy I found out about it.

  156. I think comments on each product would be amazing! It would help us to know what to expect if the product is coming up at a different price than advertised or if people are having trouble using the coupon before we choose to accept that coupon ourself. Also, to know how others feel about the product on here in addition to the amazon reviews is amazing. I can’t wait!

  157. I Like the idea of a comment section, but what about an extension that shows up coupons or deals whenever you browse some shopping website

  158. Don’t charge sellers so much. I used your free trial and couldn’t believe you expected me to pay so much money to give my products away. No wonder so many of the products here are scam crap priced as much or higher than comparable products on Amazon. Why do you charge sellers anything? Join the affiliate program and let amazon pay you.

  159. Vipon is amazing, as a student I have found a lot of things that I need at a lower price and all I need to do is review them.

    The only things that bothers me is when they say a coupon will become available after a certain amount of time and there never is one.
    Other than that. Vipon is great I always recommend it to my friends and family

  160. I am a #Vipon Addict! I love the idea of comment section on products. Gives great info on how awesome the product is! Thanks #Vipon ❤

  161. I have watched this website improve and grow as time goes … and it continues. Being able to leave and read comments will greatly improve the Vipon experience, in my opinion. I also agree that having a “wish list” would be helpful – just another improvement to shopping with Vipon. Thanks!

  162. Hello I’ve been with vipon 4 a while. And I’m a drone reviewer and review drones test drones and would love to be able to win this money this Amazon cash and be able to purchase some of the drones that’s on here for reviewing.

  163. Love the idea of a comment section! I would like to see a reminder feature also. So often I forget about a product that I had wanted to try and I totally miss it.

  164. I think a comments section would be a great idea! I love Vipon and have been actively using it since before the name changed to Vipon!

  165. Push notifications would be an awesome addition for the instant deals that are time sensitive. Also the feedback for codes that are invalid or priced differently could be a bit easier. In the app there are far too many steps to say a code does not work as it should.

  166. I’m new to Vipon. Excited to see any upcoming opportunities for winnings and deep discounts.

  167. I’ve been with Vipon since before the name/format change. I was a reviewer for years and even though that stopped, I still use the Vipon coupon codes often, and get great deals. I like the evolving site, everything is easy to find, and most producys I want are Prime, so I still get the fast shipping. My only suggestion at thos point is maybe sending a reminder when coupons are about to expire? I have missed a few because I forgot to grab them before the expiry date.

  168. Love vipon been around since the beginning! We literately outfitted our entire house using Vipon when it first began (a name change ago ;))

  169. Ive been using Vipon for a couple of years now and really like the idea of a comment section. Can’t wait to use it and see what others have to sat too.

  170. I’m OBSESSED with Vipon! I shop and buy the deals at least once per day. It’s become my favorite thing to look at everyday. Its the very best app I’ve EVER used. Thank you Vipon for making my days more fun!

  171. I have been really enjoying vipon and have used it before, Thanks!!!

  172. love this site it has helped me gain so much for so little i use this site for crafting supplies and let me tell you i make double the money back that i spend on materials each time so i cant beat that.

  173. I like the idea of the comments section. I like to read what people have to say about the different products

  174. Right now, about 8 out of every 10 codes are nonworking, so if you could get rid of all the scammers with fake codes, Vipon would be the number one deals site for me!

  175. Put the baby section separate again from toys/kids, I only need baby things right now!

    When I favorite something, it used to tell me when there were more vouchers available. Please bring that back!!

  176. I notice many of the products on Vipon are marked way high and then shown as a deal. I have stopped doing reviews because I can find the products for less without the headache of Amazon banning my account for doing reviews. I have also stopped using Amazon. So my suggestion is to be more selective about whos products you advertise for.

  177. Love this idea! I would suggest doing more giveaways to get people to start leaving comments.

  178. I love the idea of the comments section. I like to read what people have to say about the different products

  179. Love it, saving during hardship, more 90% inventory 🙂
    upcoming reminder button…thank you!

  180. I think this site is amazing…especially how cheap compared to other prices. 2 thumbs up..just think it needs more stuff.

  181. I really liked the variety that has been given on Vipon . It worked great for me. I always use that my husband says my shopping rate increases since I started using it 😂

  182. I love Vipon and would really like to win a gift card so I can do more shopping. I like the idea of a comment section.

  183. This is not fair cause not everyone uses a cell phone or tablet and I know this cause I am one of those people. I have a landline phone and a laptop. Would be nice if this contest was also going on the website and not just the downloaded app. This really blows.

  184. I love vipon. It seems to have gotten better with the most recent platform. There were many instances in the past where the code didn’t work. Another feature I would like to see is a place on our profile that stores the code we requested. There have been times when it says that I used it & wouldnt show the code again. I would love to see more actual deals. Some of the discounts on here aren’t really a good discount

  185. Oh, and a way to send reminder notifications when a “watched item” has more codes to offer.

  186. I would love to have a tool section on Vipon. Nails, drills, safety goggles, sanders, tool bags and possibly even paint! Stuff like that … A project or DIY section ; )

  187. I wish there was a way to contact sellers directly for codes that dont work. Also, if we could double check codes with the pictures to ensure what they are advertising is actually what the code is for….Im seeing lots of posts offering options and when you accept the code, and go to use it on one of the options, it wont work.

  188. Wish I had a reminder so that I don’t miss an item before it expires

  189. I would like to have the ability to back out of an offer or return unused codes.

  190. I love the idea of comments section. I feel that we all are here to review, so what better way than to see what others say and think too!
    I would suggest a watch feature/reminder. I might be looking for a specific item, but forget when it becomes available. By sending a reminder through the app or email, I wouldn’t forget and be able to get the product when it is ready. It would be a great feature!

  191. I really love the deals, best app ever. Just wish there was more fitness options like waist wrap

  192. A comment section would be nice to see what other users think of products before buying them.

  193. Vipon is my favorite app. only think I would change I’d if the voucher ran out remove the product from the coming up section

  194. I like the idea of a comment section, getting others opinions is important.
    Only thing I would change on Vipon is the this product will be available in so many hours, minutes thing…I never remember and miss out on some products.

  195. How about adding a watch feature so once the instant deal coupon is available the app can send a push notification like coupon available now don’t miss it. I usually see items that I am very interested and say ok let me wait a few hours but end up forgetting about it.

  196. Like the idea of a comment section, like reading others opions on products offered,, but curious as to how easy it would be to organize/navigate, we get so many great offers!

  197. I suggest more products at different times. This way everyone has a chance

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