4 Money-Saving Tips for 2018

Ask people for their finance-related New Year’s resolutions, and there are usually two that stand out: put more in the Savings Account, and spend less money. But it’s not always easy! As with any difficult habit to kick, making smarter financial decisions will require willpower, good education and a old fashioned mind trickery.

There are the classics such as bringing your lunch to work or kicking your java-on-the-go habit. But we didn’t want to bore you with those resolutions. After all, why restrict yourself?

We wanted to bring you 4 great money-saving tips and tricks that would take your money further. Not chip away at life’s pleasures.

  1. Automate savings

Take that income straight from the source! Instead of spending willpower on restricting your spending, automatically transfer a portion of your income straight to your Savings Account. You can’t miss what you never had!

Set up a new dedicated account with automatic transfers of $50 bi-weekly on the same day as your salary lands and you’ll be amazed at how fast your fortune grows.

  1. Matching bad habits with good habits

Want to make yourself feel good when spending your money rather than bad? Try matching up your spending with your savings.

For example, perhaps you love spending money when dining out. For every $1 you spend on dining out this January, match it with $1 deposited into savings. This means you can still enjoy your spending on the thing you like the most without feeling guilty.

  1. Walking to work

This tip is not just a great way to save money, but it’s also a way to enhance life’s pleasures. Walking to work may take more time, but it’s a great way to get additional exercise into your schedule, and to be outside. It’s been proven that people who spend more time outside are happier, so put on your walking shoes and save those transport dollars.

  1. Check the VIPON website

If you want to save the big bucks, you need to check coupon sites a little more closely.

At VIPON, we are proud to provide discounts up to 70% OFF giving your savings account a serious boost. All of the items featured are everyday household items that can improve your life at a teeny tiny price. So make sure you sign up to get news everyday about the items available to you!

Application for Black Friday Sale Section starts now!

Hey AMZTracker users! To help you boost Black Friday/Cyber Money sales, Vipon’s partnership with AMZTracker will open a special section for Black Friday sales. The application of the special sale starts now.


The system will show the status of your application. If your application is approved, the product will be shown on the Vipon Black Friday special sale section from Nov. 24 to Nov. 27 or until the vouchers have run out.



  1. This application is only open to AMZTracker paid users and there is no limit to what plan you are using.
  2. All products will be show in 3 sale sections: a) 70% + off b) 50% – 69.9% off c) 30% – 49.9% off.
  3. All products should have discounts of more than 30% off and the coupon codes should be valid. All the codes should be percent discount codes instead of flat discount codes.
  • If the discount is more than 70% off, you have to send at least 10 codes per day.

* No limit to the number of reviews and stars;

2)If the discount is between 50% – 69.9% off, you have to send at least 20 codes per day
* No limit to the number of reviews, but it should be rated at least 4 stars;

3)If the discount is between 30% – 49.9% off, you have to provide a shortcode and set to send at least 50 codes/day

* The number of reviews is at least 20 and it is rated at least 4 stars;

* Or the number of reviews is at least 10 and it is rated at least 4.3 stars;


  1. The promotion will last for 4 days: from Nov. 24th 00:00AM – Nov. 27th 23:59PM EST. Please make sure that all the codes will not expire before Nov.28th 23:59 EST.
  2. The promotion will not use the vouchers of your original AMZTracker package.
  3. The coupon codes (especially the shortcodes) may be forwarded and shared by third parties, so please be cautious.

You can submit your good deals here

For more details, please ask our customer support: support@amztracker.com

Important Announcement for Vipon Sellers

We have some issues we need to address, to sellers using our Vipon service.

At Vipon we’re always working to improve the service, we are constantly updating and working on new ideas to make Vipon better each day. Users who give feedback help us by identifying problems, and making it easier to prioritize the changes we want to make.

A large number of shoppers have complained that the sales price on Amazon, does not match that on Vipon.com. The only thing this will achieve is an unhappy buyer. We have a system in place that prevents this from happening and has proven to be effective. We want to eliminate the sellers who do this on purpose. When a buyer claims your code and continues to buy the product, if the price is incorrect they will not purchase the item. Meaning you have lost a voucher send as well as a sale. Once a buyer reports a fake promotion, an investigation begins and the item may be removed from the site. If the practice continues from the same seller our team will need to look into the problem. Please ensure your sale price matches Amazon, as well as your discount price.

The second biggest issue we have, is the vouchers are for the wrong product. Sellers should note that vouchers are not redeemable against items, that are not linked to each other. When a user tries to redeem a code they will receive an error message explaining they are trying to use the voucher against the wrong item. Please ensure your vouchers have been generated for the specific item you wish to promote. This also applies for expired codes, codes cannot be applied from other items. You are also unable to reuse codes after a promotion, please create a new list of codes for every item you wish to promote on Vipon.

A small number of users have reported that several sellers have been using fake codes on purpose. In the aim, the buyer will reach out to them and collect their contact information. Sometimes offering to redeem the full price in exchange for a 5-star review. As you know this act is banned completely from Amazon, we need to abide by their rules also.

Sometimes, a buyer will visit an Amazon page, only to find the listing is not available. Sometimes Amazon will temporarily remove an item, whilst they confirm safety standards and legalities etc. We understand this is out of your control, we do ask that if this happens to please remove, your listing until you have resolved the issue with Amazon.

If you were not already aware, the Amazon code generator requires you to wait 4 hours before issuing vouchers to sellers. This is because their system needs time sync, if you rush to issue a promotion then the vouchers may be unusable. Please wait up to 4 hours before publishing your promotion, to avoid being reported for issuing faulty codes.

We are working on a few feature, that will host a credit score for sellers. We appreciate your cooperation and also understand, that this is not the majority of sellers. If you have any questions or feedback you can always ask your support team, we’re always here to help(support@vipon.com)

Thanks for using Vipon.com

Vipon is Here: What It Means For You

Vipon is Here: What It Means For You

Hey shoppers, we’ve got big news! The ART Deals Community is now officially renamed Vipon.

That’s Vipon, pronounced Veep-on. As in, you are our VIP shoppers, our beloved Veeps, and we want you to get access to all the great coupons for discounts and deals you can.

We’ll answer some of your most pressing questions straight away:

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Take Your Product Sharing to the Next Level

Hey shoppers, as you know, Vipon is in line with Amazon’s Terms of Service, and we made changes in collaboration with a high-level Amazon management team. They’ve assured us we’re in line!

So that means you are safe to keep requesting and buying the awesome discounted and free products from our sellers just like you always have been!

But what about reviewing? For some of you, that may be a trickier subject.

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Coming Soon: the ART Deals Community Will Be Called Vipon

Coming Soon: the ART Deals Community Will Be Called Vipon

We’ve made a lot of changes to the ART Deals Community recently — including moving on from its original name: AMZ Review Trader.

And we’ve worked with Amazon to confirm that our site is 100% compliant with their TOS.

And our deals site continues to evolve: Soon we will be called Vipon (pronounced Veep-on). It’s the last puzzle piece to completely updating our mission, but with the same great deals. That means we’ll be changing our website URL  as well — soon you may try to go to amzreviewtrader.com and instead find yourself at vipon.com.

Vipon is about deals, and connecting small business owners with shoppers who care — and share.

That means you can still review and share the products you love, and you know have the opportunity to do this on a wider range of places both on-line and off-line.
The deals community will work in the same way it always has, so you can keep getting awesome free and discounted products.

We’ll bring VIP coupon deals to all our current members — you’ll still be able to get all the awesome deals the same way you always have. 
So keep shopping, and look out for our new name: Vipon.

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About Vipon & Amazon’s TOS

Vipon is In Line With Amazon’s TOS

As you all know, Amazon changed its guidelines around reviewing in early October 2016.

As can be expected whenever things change, some people were confused. But moving forward, our sellers are getting back to work, using Vipon and continuing to stay ahead of competitors

We can assure you that Vipon is 100% in line with Amazon’s TOS.

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As a member of Vipon (formerly AMZ Review Trader), you buy products you’re excited about at exclusive discounts. But it’s about more than your wallet — you’re a part of something bigger, and we want to show you how.

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